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JDES Traffic Plan

2018-2019 Traffic Plan


Morning Arrival

  •        Students may not arrive on campus prior to 7:50 each morning.
  •        Families are encouraged to use the bus transportation that is provided.
  •        Parent drop off will occur between 7:50 and 8:05.
  •        Our arrival loop is designed for ONE-WAY traffic only.
  •        Our drop off area has been expanded and can allow for at least 10 cars to unload at one time. Once those 10 cars have unloaded the next group of cars should pull all the way up to the white line. Students should unload on the passenger side of the car only. Students should be able to open and close the door independently and say a quick goodbye.
  •        Please DO NOT pass in the line.
  •        Students MUST unload when they reach the sidewalk. Please do not wait to get to the covered walkway. Students must unload in this area regardless of the weather!
  •        Students can only be dropped off in this area and not on the side streets. Parents are encouraged to stay in their vehicle and use the drop off loop.  There is a “hug and kiss” zone at the front of the school to say a quick good-bye should you choose to walk your student from the parking lot to the drop off area.  Please follow all traffic safety rules in the parking lot, as well as walk with your child across the arrival loop using the designated cross-walk.


Afternoon Dismissal

  •        Change in transportation must be submitted as a handwritten letter. Email, texts or phone calls will not be accepted.
  •        Parent pick up will be a car pool loop through the parking lot.
  •        Students will load on the passenger side of the car only!
  •        The family carpool number must be visible in the passenger side front window
  •        All students MUST report to the cafeteria to be checked in. Once all students in the family are present and checked in by staff, they will be walked out to the car.
  •        Parents who wish to sign their child out must sign them out no later than 2:30. After this time students will only be dismissed to the parent pick up car pool line.


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