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JDES Traffic Plan

Davis 2020-2021 Traffic Flow


  • Enter from Nesslewood Road entrance.
  • Follow traffic cones designating car lanes for arrival/dismissal
  • Cones are lined up along the car drop off lane in the front of the school
  • As the line moves forward, stop at the next available cone
  • For arrival: have your child exit on the school side of the drop off and stand next to their cone until dismissed by a staff member
  • For dismissal: pull of to the next available cone and a staff member will escort your child to your car

Important reminders:

  • Please have your car number visible on the dashboard of your car. If you do not have your number, please park and we will get your child for dismissal as soon as we are able.
  • Unless indicated by a staff member, please do not pass cars in the car lane
  • Enter/Exit only from the Nesslewood Rd entrance